Academic Program


Academic Program

Software errors must be equal to zero when lives are at stake!

That is the reason why the future generations of developers need to comprehend and handle during their academic training testing and analysis tools in order to meet the expectations of the professional world composed by corporations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Coframi, Sopra group as well as Areva, so many companies which already use our software testing and analysis solutions.

In a perspective of raising awareness of the students to the necessity of using software testing tools, Verifysoft Technology proposes an Academic program.

As part of this program we propose to equip your classrooms or laboratories with our tools Testwell CTC++, CMT++, CMTJava, CTC++ for Java and C# and GrammaTech CodeSonar®.
These licenses have the same features as those proposed to the professionals.
This academic program allows the use of tools in a purpose of not commercial educational research.

Our tools are already succefully used by several schools as part of informatics education.

We stay available for you for more information about this academic program.
Please do not hesitate to ask us a free evaluation of our tools for a limited period.

Tel. +49 781 127 8118-0

last updated: 4 February 2013

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Verifysoft Academic Program
Verifysoft Academic Program
Verifysoft Academic Program
Verifysoft Academic Program