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5 January 2017

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Verifysoft Company Presentations

Verifysoft at Embedded World 2017
Verifysoft at Embedded World 2017
03:05     March 2017
Verifysoft Technology presented best in class software testing tools at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg/Germany. Watch now our video and learn more about our technologies for Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Code Coverage. Our tools are qualified for usage in safety and security critical projects according to the standards DO178-C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, IEC 62304 and ISO 26262.
Droidcon Amsterdam 2011 Video
Droidcon 2011 Amsterdam co-sponsored by Verifysoft Technology
01:21     March 2012
Video footage from droidonNL 2011, largest android developer gathering.

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser

Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++: Produktvideo

THE TESTWELL CTC++ VIDEO: How important is correct software code?
08:06     December 2016     English
Testwell CTC++ is the leading tool for analysing code coverage on host and on all (even smallest) embedded targets. The tool is widely used for safety critical development, i.e. DO-178C, ISO 26262, IEC 60880, IEC 61508, and EN 50128.
Hundreds of companies and institutions in more then 30 countries all over the world use Testwell CTC++. Experience in this video why Testwell CTC++ is your first choice for measuring code coverage.

Kees Valkhof, LELY, Netherlands

Testwell CTC++ User Testimonial: "Our reputation is built on products which work properly"
04:17     September 2016     English
Excellent product quality including high quality software is essential for Lely. Lely’s configuration manager Kees Valkhof has given us an insight into the software testing demands of this supplier for agricultural solutions and why they are using Testwell CTC++ for measuring code coverage.

Testwell CMT++ / CMTJava Code Complexity Measurement Tools

Testwell CMT++/CMTJava Presentation
Testwell CMT++/CMTJava Code Complexity Measurement Tools
06:32     September 2014
Code complexity correlates with the defect rate and robustness of an application. Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava help you to write code with good complexity: easier and faster to test, to understand, and to maintain. Watch our video and see how to analyze your code for LOC metrics, McCabe Cyclomatic number, Halstead Metrics and Maintainability Index.

GrammaTech CodeSonar

GrammaTech CodeSonar?
GrammaTech CodeSonar
01:28     December 2016
CodeSonar® is a sophisticated static analysis tool for source code and binary code, that detects bugs and security vulnerabilities that other static analysis tools miss.
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
How Does CodeSonar Find More Bugs?
Paul Anderson, GrammaTech´s VP of Engineering, describes in this video how CodeSonar uses advanced static analysis techniques to pinpoint the hardest-to-find defects and security vulnerabilities.
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
GrammaTech CodeSonar Quick Demo
04:01     August 2012
Demo of the static code analysis tool Grammatech CodeSonar®.
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint
GrammaTech CodeSonar vs. PC-Lint and Cppcheck
04:38     April 2017
Advanced Static Analysis with GrammaTech CodeSonar compared to tools like PC-Lint® and Cppcheck.

Imagix 4D

Learning Unfamiliar Code
Learning Unfamiliar Code
16:53     December 2015
This video demonstrates how to use Imagix 4D to get information about code which is unfamiliar.
Debugging a Miss-Set Variable
Debugging a Miss-Set Variable
03:54     December 2015
This video demonstration is an introduction to how Imagix 4D can be used while debugging, how it complements a debugger and helps you to understand and resolve the control and data flow of your software.