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VDC Research Report: Market for Automated Testing and Static Analysis Tools Growing

(Ithaca, New York/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 15 December 2017)

The VDC report entitled "The Global Market for Automated Software & Security Testing Tools" states that the market for testing tools is increasing and that software developers are accepting the fact that finding and fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities early has huge benefits in terms of cost, time and product quality and security.
According to the report, 82.3% of static analysis tools used in the enterprise and IT market, as well as 45.5% in embedded and IoT market, are focused on security.
Unfortunately, despite this growth, security risk mitigation is still not being addressed enough in embedded projects. Only 22.9% of embedded/IoT engineers is not taking any actions to address potential issues on current projects. It is important that embedded and IoT manufacturers take more action on securing their devices.
The VDC report has numerous findings about the automated testing market as a whole.
Some interesting points made in the report related to static analysis include the following:
  • A general recommendation to include static analysis as part of a automated testing portfolio
  • Static analysis tools are often easier to adopt than other automated testing tools making them a good entry point for adoption
  • The re-use/use of third party code in embedded projects continues to grow and the adoption of binary static analysis, although initially small, is growing rapidly.
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