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Imagix has released Imagix 4D version 8.1

(Offenburg/Germany, San Luis Obispo/USA, 5 October 2015)

Imagix has released version 8.1 Imagix 4D with the following new features:

  • Added binary analysis for Microsoft Visual C++ #import, #using directives
  • Added Subsystem Architectures to document generation

Integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D Available

(Offenburg/Germany, San Luis Obispo/USA, 27 November 2014)

Imagix and Verifysoft announce the integration of Testwell CTC++ with Imagix 4D. Together with the test coverage tool Testwell CTC++, Imagix 4D can now be used to evaluate whether test cases have resulted in sufficient testing. Several layouts for viewing the program flow are available in Imagix 4D. One of them is the Logic layout chart which points up the program logic of the function. Different colors show the test coverage of each part of your software.
Imagix is a privately-held corporation, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California.
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