Visit us at OOP in Munich

(20-22 January 2004)

Verifysoft Technology will present their software testing solutions at OOP from 20 to 22 January 2004 at ICM International Congress Center in Munich. Free admission to the exhibition and special sessions are available for visitors from OOP 2004. We are looking forward to see you in Munich.

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser extended for Symbian OS mobile phones

(24 November 2003)

Testwell CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices, an add-on package to the successful test coverage analysis CTC++ has been released. It facilitates code coverage measurements at the Symbian OS target devices, i.e. at the mobile phones itself. The CTC++/Windows variant has already supported code coverage measurements at the Symbian OS EPOC emulator context.
> more information aboutCTC++ for Symbian OS

Testwell CTC++ v. 5.2 available

(29 October 2003)

Testwell announced today the release of CTC++ version 5.2. The upgrade is available on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux,Solaris and HPUX). The previous version was CTC++ v5.0.10. The v5.2 contains, besides the following bigger enhancements:
  • Introduced 'ctcmerge' add-on utility
  • Introduced a technique to 'instrument for function call trace'
  • Introduced an alternate way to allocate the counter areas from heap, which makes it easier to test modules that are freed from memory in the middle of the test run, e.g. dynamically freed DLLs on Windows
  • Timing instrumentation is now better supported
  • Enhancements in the ctc2html utility
  • Enhanced the CTC++/Visual Studio 6.0 integration, e.g., now full CTC++ options repertoire can be used at "CTC++ Build/Clean..."
  • On Windows the code under test can now be compiled also with __stdcall and __fastcall calling conventions, previously only with __cdecl
  • On Windows enhanced the Symbian EPOC emulator use with command line mode of use, previously the usage was supported only via Visual Studio IDE.
The Host-Target add-on component is so far unchanged and usable as before.
> more information about CTC++

Verifysoft Technology signs distribution agreement with MMS India

(Chennai/India, Offenburg/Germany, 10 October 2003)

Verifysoft Technology, a leading distributor of software testing solutions, and Man Machine Systems (MMS), one of the leading providers of tools for coding and testing Java applications announced today the signature of a distribution agreement covering European countries. MMS has an excellent suite of tools to help in developing quality Java applications. Automated code review, code coverage analysis, unit testing using invasive model, and intelligent regression testing are some areas that MMS tools excel in.
"Our tools are very good priced; you can easily recover the cost in the first project itself.," said K. Rangarajan, CEO of Chennai (India) based Man Machine Systems. The agreement between MMS and Verifysoft Technology allows now European Java projects to take profit from the MMS Java tool suite and to purchase it at reasonable prices in Europe. Verifysoft will market the following automated Java Testing Tools: JEvolve, JCover, JVerify, JBrowser, JSynTest, JPretty and JMSAssert. This tools come with a no-obligation evaluation period of 15 days for the complete version of the software, during which time developers can even apply them in real projects. > more information about MMS Java Tool Suite

Testwell CTA++ v3.0.1 available

(Tampere/Finland, 7 August 2003)

This new version of Testwell´s unit testing tool is primarility made for the sake of Windows Visual C++ (so far the only platform supported) can be downloaded from customers under maintenance contract. This revision 3.0.1 of CTA++ has the following version numbers in its components:
  • Run-time libraries, header files 3.0.1 (upgraded, seen in thetrace file)
  • Ctastub utility 1.3 (unchanged, seen in the generated stubfile)
  • Cta2html utility 1.2 (unchanged, seen with cta2html -h)
  • Visual Studio integration 1.1 (unchanged, usable with VC++ 6.0)
  • Fine-tuned the cta header files. Now a more ANSI C++ compliant syntax is used in certain explicit template specializations. This change should be ok also for the currently supported compilers,that had accepted the old style syntax.
  • On Windows environment CTA++ now supports all three calling conventions __cdecl, __fastcall and __stdcall with Visual C++. Formerly CTA++ required that the code under test had to be compiled with __cdecl calling convention.
  • The CTA++ User's Guide in Post-Script format removed from the delivery. Now the CTA++ User's Guide available in pdf and HTML format.
> more information about CTA++

Verifysoft Technology starts European Operations

(Offenburg/Germany, 18 June 2003)

Verifysoft Technology has been founded in 2003 by a group of investors and software-test specialists. The company is committed to provide test productivity solutions that will help companies more efficiently maintain and enhance their software applications. Verifysoft is located in the TechnologiePark Offenburg, Germany and has facilities to serve German speaking, French and Benelux as well as Eastern European markets. In order to deliver stable and high quality testing tools, Verifysoft Technology will support and market the product family from Testwell Oy in Tampere/Finland and products from Precilog in Versailles/France.

Testwell CMT++ v3.4 and Testwell CMTJava v1.3 GUI upgrades on Windows

(Tampere/Finland, April 2003)

The Windows variants of these tools have been rebuilt containing now a better GUI v2.1. The initial release of the GUI was v1.0 from September 2002. In October 2002 v2.0 of it was released.

Testwell CTA++ v3.0 available, introducing CTA++ Integration to Visual Studio

(Tampere/Finland, March 2003)

On Windows platform CTA++ can now be used directly from theVisual Studio GUI. It facilitates, straight from Visual Studio:
  • Generating the test bed components (test script main program,test cases, stubs)
  • Editing the test script with the Visual Studio source editor. Only the essential test-logic is needed from you. The whole testbed infrastructure comes from CTA++, either as being generated or via the test-oriented macros and other services of the CTA++ run-time library.
  • Compiling/linking, running and debugging the test bed.
  • Viewing the test results, both in in textual and HTML form.
  • Use of a code coverage tool is just behind of a few mouse clicks, see CTC++ Integration to Visual Studio.
  • Can be used to test language entities, like a C++ class, or operating system entities, like a DLL.

Testwell CTC++ v5.0.10 available

(Tampere/Finland, December 2002)

The Windows version can now be used out-of-the-box also withBorland C++ and with gcc/g++, besides the previous Visual C++. New(more strict) instrumentation of case/default labels in "fallthrough" situations. Introduced new means to more easily adapt CTC++ to some cross-compilers (needed in CTC++/Host-Target). Preliminary support for 64-bit applications on Solaris and HP-UX,call for details.