Test Coverage for Microcontroller and Graphics Cards

(18 December 2008)

Verifysoft Technology announces the availability of Bitcov-Add-on for the Test Coverage Tool Testwell CTC++. The add on allows for measuring of code coverage in smallest targets and microcontrollers. Only very small RAM is needed. Compared to regular coverage analysis on host machines the needed RAM is about 40 times less with Bitcov-Add-on.
Testwell CTC++ is a leading test coverage tools showing all coverage levels up to C3 coverage. Safety critical projects in aeronautics, medical and automotive are successfully using Testwell CTC++ to obtain certifications (DO-178B, EN 61-508, ...).

Unit Test Tool Testwell CTA++ Version 3.0.5 Available

(28 November 2008)

Version 3.0.5 of Testwell CTA++ C++ Test Aider is now available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX platforms.
The new version comes with an adjustment of CTA++ code structure to avoid "deprecated" warnings with newer C++ compilers. There are also some other small enhancements.
Our customers with maintenance will received the new version free of charge.

Graphical Frontend for Testwell CMT++: Verifysoft Announces Verybench

(Offenburg, 24 November 2008)

Verifysoft announces Verybench, a graphical frontend for the Code Complexity Measures Tool Testwell CMT++.
The CMT++ add-on provides distinct views of the complexities for developers, reviewers, tester, management, and controlling.
Verybench generates outputs in text, HTML, XML, CSV, and PDF.
The release is planned for February 2009.

Conformiq Software and Verifysoft demonstrated benefits of Automated Test Design™

(Offenburg, 11 September 2008)

During a workshop in Offenburg (Germany) Conformiq Software and Verifysoft Technology demonstrated the advantages of Automated Test Design™ such as faster test design, higher test quality, better test coverage, easier test maintenance and more test reuse.
Then followed a presentation of Conformiq, the leading automated test design tool that uses a system requirement model as input to automatically generate test scripts.
Automatec Test Design represents a paradigm shift in test design for software and systems. Companies interested in stepping into the future of test design are invited to contact us for an inhouse presentation of Conformiq.

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer: Version 6.5.3 available

(4 July 2008)

The new version of Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer comes with the following enhancements:
optimised multicondition coverage instrumentation, the CTC++ Preprocessor (ctc) component is now much faster, Microsoft C++/CLI extension "for each" is now handled, introduced Eclipse IDE integration on Windows, etc.

Conformiq Presentation at "Software & Systems Quality Conferences" in Düsseldorf, Germany

Conformiq Software presents Conformiq Qtronic™ at "Software &Systems Quality Conferences" on April 16-18, 2008 at Congress Center Stadthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.
Conformiq is a test solution that delivers automatically test cases for Black Box Tests. The input for the tool is a design model of your software which can be created with Conformiq Qtronic™ Modeler in the tool or be "imported" form third party design tools.
Come to Düsseldorf and get a demo. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge on friday, April 18.
Further information:       Conformiq Qtronic™       Software & Systems Quality Conferences

Conformiq Qtronic™ 1.3 available

(4 April 2008)

Conformiq Qtronic™ version 1.3 has been released and is available immediately.
Conformiq Qtronic™ 1.3 comes with an incremental test generation algorithm. With this new feature, the generated tests are stored as assets for future use. When tests are regenerated due to a change in the model etc. there is no need to regenerate tests from the parts of the model that are not changed.
The performance of test generation has been improved significantly.
The quality of the generated test has been improved and the generated set of tests is more compact.
For more information about Conformiq Qtronic™, the leading model driven testing solution, please go to the product pages

Testwell CTA++ version 3.0.4 for Unit Tests now available

(18 March 2008)

Version 3.0.4 of CTA++ C++ Test Aider has been released. The upgrade of this unit test tool is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX.
CTA++ comes with new Visual C++ 8.0 and new Visual C++ 9.0 IDE integrations. There are also enhancements in the CTA++ run-time library, the ctastub and cta2html utilities.

Code Coverage: CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on v3.3 released

(14 March 2008)

CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices version 3.2 is available. This upgrade gives GCCE cross compiler support. Previosuly only RVCT cross compiler was supported. There are also some technical improvements to make the behavior more robust.

Verifysoft sponsors "French Software Testing Day" (Journée Française des Tests Logiciels)

Verifysoft Technology sponsors the "Journée Française des Tests Logiciels" (French Software Testing Day), an event organized by the "Comité Français des Tests Logiciels" (CFTL) in Paris on 17 June 2008.
Further information is available from the CFTL website.

Code Coverage: New Version 6.5 of Testwell CTC++ available

(15 February 2008)

The Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer 6.5 release delivers XML reporting and enhancements in the HTML reporting. The support for parallel "ctc-builds" has been improved.
Our maintenance customers will receive CTC++ 6.5 without supplementary fees.

Automatic Test Case Generation: Conformiq 1.2 Released

(11 January 2008)

Conformiq version 1.2, a solution for automatic test case generation, is now available.
Here what´s new in Conformiq 1.2 :
  • Introduced model import from Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.
  • Model Debugging functionality has been integrated to the Online Testing and Script Generation modes
  • New Windows installer that is based on open-source Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.
  • Added a new scripter for generating test scripts in TCL.
  • TTCN-3 and HTML script generators has been extended and enhanced.
  • Usability of Conformiq Modeler has been enhanced.

Verifysoft Announces Availability of a Code Coverage Tool for J#/Visual J#/JSharp

(4 January 2008)

Verifysoft announces that "CTC++ for Java and C# Add-on" an add on to Testwell CTC++ is now available to analyse code coverage in J#/Visual J#/JSharp projects.
The new version of the add on extends the Code Coverage capabilities of CTC++ from C and C++ to Java, C#, and J#/Visual J#/JSharp.
The tool analyses for all coverage levels as required in "critical" software projects: Function-Coverage, Decision-, Statement-, Condition-, Multi-Condition- (MCC), and Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC).
J#/Visual J#/JSharp enables developers to use Java-language syntax to build applications and services on the .NET Framework. Visual J# integrates the Java-language syntax into the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).