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No. 03/2016     September 2016      

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1 - Verifysoft talks about Code Coverage at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia
2 - Webinar about Code Coverage on 27th September
3 - What our Customers say about Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser
4 - Events
Testwell CTC++

Verifysoft talks about Code Coverage at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia

Verifysoft talks about Code Coverage at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Stockholm (Sweden) on 22nd November 2016. Verifysoft will show how to measure Code Coverage on Microcontrollers in a 1-hour tutorial on an example of Arduino. The atendees will see best practices on how to retrieve the data from the target.
The Embedded Conference Scandinavia is a 2 days long conference and exhibition which covers all actual topics from the Embedded sector.
We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth during the conference on either 22nd or 23rd of November.
Testwell CTC++ videos

Webinar about Code Coverage on 27th September

Organisations are under pressure to develop software and devices faster and cheaper. More than ever, they need to ensure you have a thorough testing regime in place. Our partner in UK, the company SCL is organising a webinar dedicated to the topic of code covegare on 27th September at 10:00 London time. This 60 minute webinar includes a demo of Testwell CTC++ as well as user examples.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to deal with errors in embedded software, whether they’re life-threatening or just inconvenient. For many companies, there’s no margin for error, so it’s critical that your software development adopts a rigorous approach to compliance to international industry safety standards. Only through such stringent professional practices can you be sure of achieving acceptable levels of safety.
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Lely Testimonial

What our Customers say about Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser

Hunderts of customers worldwide are using Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser.
One of our customers, the company Lely supplies the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products including harvesting solutions, barn cleaners, automated feeding systems and milking robots.
Excellent product quality including high quality software is essential for Lely. Lely’s configuration manager Kees Valkhof has given us an insight into the software testing of the supplier for agricultural solutions and why they are using Testwell CTC++ for measuring code coverage:
"Although our software doesn’t have safety features and there is no risk that people or animals are injured because of a software failure, we have set our own standards which are very high. We have to deliver quality software because we want to deliver quality products to our farmers.
To avoid such losses, the quality of the software in our products is very important.
At Lely we want to be able to measure the coverage of our unit tests as well as of the tests performed on the target. As we use more than one of these compilers, we thought of a generic tool which is not bound to a specific compiler tool set and/or IDE. This is the reason why we have chosen Testwell CTC++ from Verifysoft. This tool meets all of the above requirements. Testwell CTC++ is completely independent of compilers we are using. With Testwell CTC++ we can visualize not only what we have tested but also which conditions we have tested. The output after testing is also independent of the IDE we are using. This is good because we use multiple ones. We use multi-condition coverage and Testwell CTC++ shows us which conditions were tested and which were not. The reports are clean, simple and contain what we need."
Watch the video with Kees Valkhof from Lely here.
Verifysoft Events


Free webinar about Code Coverage on embedded targets
    27 September, 10:00 London time
Efficient Unit-Tests for Embedded Systems
    Offenburg (Germany), 19 September 2016
Testwell CTC++ Training
    Offenburg (Germany), 20 September 2016
Embedded Conference Scandinavia
    Stockholm (Sweden), 22 - 23 November 2016

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