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1 -Free Webinar "Refactoring using Imagix 4D"
2 -Customer Testimonial from the Automotive Industry: NPP Itelma
3 -New Versions of Metric Tools Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava
4 -Review: Embedded World 2019
5 -Events
Imagix 4D

Free Webinar "Refactoring using Imagix 4D" on Tuesday, 7th of May 2019

In order to protect investments continuous refactoring is essential to increase lifetime of software applications.
Sometimes it pays off to perform refactoring of legacy code. In that case the program has potential to be reused in the latest projects. Thereby the code is revised towards an improved maintainability and extensibility while keeping its functionality. Imagix 4D is the ideal tool to assist you in performing the refactoring process. A comprehensive and well-arranged visualization of the existing architecture facilitates achieving a fast understanding of component interaction. Modifications can be performed smoothly.
Find out, how Imagix 4D can help to support with refactoring in our free webinar "Refactoring using Imagix 4D" on Tuesday, 7th of May 2019.

New Customer Testimonial from the Automotive Industry: NPP Itelma

“Safety and reliability of each electronic unit is very important in our automotive projects”, states Alexander Dolozov, Automotive Embedded Software Manager at NPP ITELMA.
In the process of software development, the company adheres to the V-cycle, which is the de facto standard in the automotive industry. One of the most important stages of the V-cycle is unit testing of software. Without a tool analyzing code coverage tests, it is difficult or even impossible to assess how fully the unit testing has been completed.
After trying many different tools for Code Coverage analyzation, NPP ITELMA selected Testwell CTC++. “It is very simple to use, and at the same time very fast and efficient”, says Mr. Dolozov.
In the following Customer Testimonial Mr. Dolozov explains the advantages of Testwell CTC++. "The tool generates clear and easy-to-analyze coverage reports and in addition, can be used to certify safety-critical projects, which is an important criterion for choosing a tool for automotive applications. With the help of Testwell CTC++, we found many uncovered sections of code and conditions".
“The missing tests were written in time, which allowed to detect many errors in the early stages of development. As a result, the overall quality of the firmware has improved significantly. The Testwell CTC++ tool thus took its honored place in our V-development cycle”.
Read full Customer Testimonial here
Testwell CMT++_Java Logo

New Versions of Metric Tools Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava

Testwell CMT++ and Testwell CMTJava analyze the applications for the following metrics: Line-, Halstead- and McCabe-Metrics and the Maintainability Index of software, that is written in C, C++, Java or C#.
Verifysoft now releases the new versions of the tools Testwell CMT++ 7.0 and Testwell CMTJava 4.0. As a new feature, reports can now be generated in JSON format. For further information see: Testwell CMT++ 7.0 and Testwell CMTJava 4.0.
Read the user testimonials of Testwell CMT++/CMTJava here

Review: Embedded World 2019

Verifysoft Technology participated in the Embedded World 2019, for the 15th time in its 16 years of company history. Due to increasing connectivity, safety and security become a pressing issue in the embedded environment.
Our Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++ is mostly used for safety reasons but can also be deployed for security. In this area the tool is being used for Penetration-Tests in order to prove that code is not being executed through hacker attacks. In contrast to the traditional usage of code coverage, the objective during penetration testing is that no code is being processed. Attacked parts of code can be identified precisely due to coverage analysis. This simplifies the detection of safety gaps.
The new connectivity that comes with the internet of things bears new challenges. Embedded Software, usually written in C or C++, is traditionally classified as safety critical, but the same is now true for connected software that is written in Java or C#.
To make it possible that this software can be tested as well, Verifysoft and Grammatech formed a partnership with JuliaSoft. The Julia Static Analyzer tool offers semantic static analysis of enterprise software in Java and C#.
The integration of the Julia Static Analyzer into GrammaTech CodeSonar provides a complete and integrated solution for improving the quality of these “Embedded software”, hardware and enterprise programming domains.
Further information here / Watch our video here
Verifysoft Events


• Free Webinar: Code Coverage for safety-critical embedded targets
Thursday 25th april 2019
• Free Webinar: Refactoring using Imagix 4D
Tuesday 07th may 2019
• Seminar: IEC 61508 Compliant System and Software Development Process"
21st - 22nd may 2019
12th - 13th november 2019
• Seminar: Testing Embedded Software
10th - 11th july 2019
26th - 27th november 2019

Trade Shows
• Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2019
05th - 06th november 2019 in Sweden
• Embedded Software Engineering Kongress (ESE) 2019
03rd - 05th december 2019 in Sindelfingen/Stuttgart, Germany

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