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1 -Imagix 4D podcast: Software developer Anna has got a problem
2 -Testwell CTC++ customer testimonials from aviation and energy sector
3 -Explanation of different Code Coverage levels
4 -How Imagix 4D supports the understanding of software based on source code
5 -Events
Anna has got a problem

Imagix 4D podcast: Software developer Anna has got a problem

The software developer Anna is responsible for an old software project no one knows any more about. The software documentation gives little information that does not help at all. The whole thing is like a nightmare that seems solvable only with massive time and money wasting.
Then Anna comes across the tool Imagix 4D, which determines the actual state of software based on the source code. Through the generated graphs, documentation and reports, Anna quickly identifies the causes of the errors and can fix them more easily than expected. Anna immediately informs her customers, who are more than relieved... Watch the video now
Customer Testimonial

Testwell CTC++ customer testimonials from aviation and energy sector

Zepp.solutions (is a young company that develops application specific hydrogen fuel cell systems): "One of the requirements from IEC 61508 SIL 2 is to achieve 100% decision coverage. In order to verify this requirement, the coverage needs to be measured. The flexibility of Testwell CTC++ allows it to be used not only for target tests, but also for host tests, as multiple compilers are easily supported." Read full customer testimonial here

Exonetik, the company of the aviation sector joins 600+ satisfied customers in 38 countries on all continents: "During the product assessment, the team was able to get code coverage results in less than a day without even using Verifysoft support team. Principally, this achievement was enough to convince the team of the Testwell CTC++ ease of use and the low impact that its adoption would have on its development processes." Read full Customer Testimonial here
Code Coverage levels explained

Explanation of different Code Coverage levels

Dr. Sabine Poehler, Product Manager Testwell Tools at Verifysoft Technology explains in this video different code coverage levels such as Function Coverage, Statement Coverage, Decision Coverage, Path Coverage, MC/DC Coverage, and Multicondition Coverage. Watch the video now
JDB_Paper Logo

How Imagix 4D supports the understanding of software based on source code

The size and complexity of software projects typically increase over their lifetime. As a result, it becomes more and more expensive to sustain enough knowledge to support maintenance, enhancements and verification against existing and changed requirements. This is exacerbated by the realities of personnel turnover and use of 3rd party and legacy code. Shortages of resources lead to shortcuts in quality, such as violations of guidelines and poor documentation.
This work will show how Imagix 4D improves the process of exploring and understanding unfamiliar source code. An introduction why and where such a process is required will be followed by a description of the methods Imagix 4D which introduces how to support such source code analysis.
Read the white paper here
Verifysoft Events


• Free Webinar: Code Coverage for safety-critical embedded targets
Tuesday, 12th november 2019
• Seminar: IEC 61508 Compliant System and Software Development Process
12th - 13th november 2019
• Seminar: Testing Embedded Software
26th - 27th november 2019

Trade Shows
• Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2019
05th - 06th november 2019 in Sweden
• Embedded Software Engineering Kongress (ESE) 2019
03rd - 05th december 2019 in Sindelfingen/Stuttgart, Germany
• Software Quality Days 2020
14th - 17th january 2020 Vienna, Austria
• Embedded World 2020
25th - 27th february 2019 Nuremberg, Germany

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