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1 -Embraer is using Testwell CTC++ to accomplish the objectives of DO-178C DAL A
2 -Imagix 4D: Version 9.2 Available
3 -Successful year 2019 is coming to an end
4 -Events

Embraer is using Testwell CTC++ to accomplish the objectives of DO-178C DAL A

Embraer, the third largest producer of civil aircraft after Boeing and Airbus, relies on Testwell CTC++ to fulfill the requirements of DO-178C concerning Code Coverage.
"Testwell CTC++ automates the code instrumentation as well as the evaluation of the structural coverage results in a neat report. Thus the user sees where he has to increment our tests in order to cover the whole code base. Embraer has integrated Testwell CTC++ in the continuous verification flow", says Joao Carlos Davison, responsible for the elaboration of the software verification plan.
Mateus Lucas Alves Ferreira, product development engineer of Embraer expresses that Testwell CTC++ installation is straightforward and the tool usage is based on a command-line interface that is simple and easy to learn.
Read full Customer Testimonial here
Imagix Screen

Imagix 4D: Version 9.2 Available with improved pointer tracking and change analysis

Imagix 9.2 has been released and is now the standard download from the Imagix-Webseite It is available on Windows as well as Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
Version 9.2 of Imagix 4D considerably extends the data flow analysis in reports and with data flow diagrams. These are powerful tools for pointer tracking and change analysis in projects. Sequence diagrams as an enhanced version of control flow graphs are now available in Imagix 4D
Source code analysis is extended to the latest versions of MSVC 2019 and GCC 9 with features from C++14 and C++17. The review tool now supports the latest Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) 3.3 checklist.
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Successful year 2019 is coming to an end -
we are looking forward to 2020!

Verifysoft Technology will end the year 2019 with a new record annual turnover. Test technologies from Verifysoft are currently used by more than 600 customers in 38 countries on all continents. We are proud that through our work, we were again able to contribute to the quality of software in the past year. Since we all deal with software every day, we are pleased that we were able to contribute to improve security and quality of life of everyone through our work. Verifysoft Team thanks all our customers, partners and suppliers for the good cooperation in the past year 2019.
We wish you and your families happy holidays and a happy new year.
We look forward to continuing our good cooperation in 2020.
Your Verifysoft-Team
Verifysoft Team
Verifysoft Events


• Free Webinar: Code Coverage for safety-critical embedded targets
Tuesday, 14th January 2020
• Seminar: Efficient Unit-Tests for Embedded Systems
Wednesday 29th January 2020
• Testwell CTC++ Training
Thursday 30th January 2020
• Free Webinar: Refactoring using Imagix 4D
Wednesday 12th February 2020
• Static Code Analysis Day 2020
Tuesday 03rd March 2020

Trade Shows
• Software Quality Days 2020
14th - 17th January 2020 in Vienna, Austria
• Embedded World 2020
25th - 27th February 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany

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