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Imagix 4D: Version 10.2 Available

Imagix 4D is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D 10.2 is now available. The general focus of the new release is enhanced support for large source code sets.

Particular enhancements in 10.2 include:
  • Additional options in generating architectures from source code
  • Improved performance working with large projects, including in Architecture Diagrams
  • More automation of loading code into Imagix 4D, using Soong, Gradle and JSON build systems
  • Extensible interface to load code from any build logs
More information: Release notes and a description about creating projects based on Android build artifacts.
"Modified Condition/Decision Coverage MCDC: a Validas Podcast"
Dr. Oscar Slotosch (Validas AG Munich) gave an excellent explanation of MC/DC Coverage in his podcast. MCDC is a ubiquitous technique used in software testing, but the tools that test it must also be appropriately qualified. In this podcast, Oscar gives an overview of the essential criteria, code coverage, explains its history and development, and shares his experiences. Oscar explains that safety standards are very stringent and that MC/DC coverage can only be measured by commercial tools. Verifysoft's Testwell CTC++, Test Coverage Analyser, is the tool for this.
To the podcast on Spotify
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