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Free Webinar: White-Box Testing in safety-related projects on 27th January 2022

In order to deliver reliable software, it shall be properly tested. In safety-related projects the scope of testing and the kind of tools to be implemented to perform the testing is defined by safety standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, 62304, IEC 60880.
Software validation- and certification experts from HEICON will show the attendees what factors are important to successfully perform white-box testing in safety-related projects.

Register now to our free webinar and learn about 5 key factors for successful white-box testing in safety-related projects:

  • How are the expected functional test results determined?
  • Which test methods are used to create normal range test cases?
  • Which test methods are used to create robustness test cases?
  • What role plays the structural source code coverage?
  • How do you successfully and efficiently perform test reviews?
Testwell CTC++: Release 9.1.3 Available

Verifysoft has released a new version (9.1.3) of Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser. Customer with valid software maintenance can download the new version 9.1.3 of the Code Coverage Analyser via the Verifysoft Customer Area.

Beside bug fixes, this new version provides more control over the coverage data file naming. On Linux, the Host-Target and Bitcov packages formerly deployed separately are now included in the core package.

On Windows, the Cygwin integration is easier to install and to handle in combination with MinGW.
If you are customer and you don't have the credentials for our download platform, please contact us.
Imagix Corporation has released version 10.3 of Imagix 4D

Imagix 4D 10.3 is now available. The general focus of the new release is improved performance for large code sets. Areas of speed improvement include initial loading of projects (especially ComboProjects), creating and restoring architectures, running flow check reports, and generating documentation. In particular, a project of about 1M statements should see a reduction of 30-50% in CPU-time for the flow check reports. There are also reductions in memory use of very large projects.

Other changes compared to 10.2.0:
  • Resolution of calls from Java into C/C++ via the JNI has been extended.
  • Areas of GUI improvements include display of source code in flow charts, and scrolling

More information: Release notes
Software quality demands both static code analysis and dynamic testing

Increased recall campaigns, delayed deliveries, difficulties in delivering the promised functions on time: Software quality is not evident. The development of good software is only possible through consistent action, adherence to standards and the use of mature test and quality assurance tools. Bad software leads to monetary losses and deterioration of the corporate image. Embedded software is even more critical, as it is mostly used in safety-critical applications. Here, software errors can endanger human lives and must therefore be avoided at all costs. For this reason, standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or DO178-C have strict requirements regarding the quality of development and testing of software.
Read the entire article of Royd Lüdtke here.

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Thank you for your trust -
All the best for 2022

Verifysoft wishes all customers and partners happy holidays and all the best for the coming year 2022.

Our thanks go first of all to our more than 700 customers who have put their trust in us in the past year. Despite the challenging circumstances for all of us again this year, we have exceeded the previous record sales of 2019 by the end of October and will significantly exceed the ambitious sales targets set for 2021 by the end of the year. This prompts us to enter the new year with a great deal of confidence and to provide you as usual with with competence and high-class test technologies. We look forward to a continued very good cooperation!
With kind regards,
Klaus Lambertz
Managing Director
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