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Embedded Software Engineering Kongress: Verifysoft presents graphical interface for metric Tools

(Sindelfingen, Germany, 9-10 December 2009)

At the ESE Kongress in Sindelfingen, the German biggest congress for embedded software engineering with approx. 600 participants, Verifysoft has presented a new graphical front end (Verybench) for the code complexity measure tool Testwell CMT++. Verybench processes software metrics for different target groups like managers, project managers, developers, reviewers and testers.
Also, the code coverage tool Testwell CTC++ which makes possible the measure of the test coverage in smallest embedded targets sparked interest. The automatic test generator Conformiq has also been shown as well as a static code analysis tool. Website ESE Kongress

Verifysoft: Presentation at Ensisa and the University of Strasbourg

(Mulhouse, 30 November 2009 / Strasbourg, 4 December 2009)

Verifysoft presented the quality process in software development at Ensisa (école nationale supérieur d´ìngénieurs sud alsace) and during the "Théma-Technique" organized by Rhénatic (a network representing all the professions ICT) at the University of Strasbourg.
Those presentations emphasized on the cost of software errors and on the testing principles in each step of the software development process: unit tests, integration tests and validation tests. They also get onto methods to avoid codes too complex which lead to many errors and new strategies have been proposed for automating the test scripts generation.