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SAE World Congress in Detroit: Automating AUTOSAR Functional Test Design with Model-Based Testing

At the SAE World Congress in Detroit´s COBO Center on Tuesday April 24th, Conformiq´s CTO Stephan Schulz will be presenting technical paper entitled "Automating AUTOSAR Functional Test Design with Model-Based Testing".
Abstract: Classic problems of the functional software test development industry often include poorly documented coverage of specification requirements, challenging delivery cycles, high software quality requirements, costly test development, inflexible test sets, and high maintenance costs due to ever changing requirements. Technology and commercial software exist today that can help to resolve all of these issues by automating test design with model-based testing (MBT), i.e., by automatically generating tests and test documentation. In numerous case studies over a wide range of application areas, MBT has been independently confirmed to cut testing costs significantly by increasing productivity, to enable up to 91% code coverage during test execution, and to locate numerous defects that have escaped detection using conventional testing approaches.
Stephan Schulz introduces automated test design and compare it with conventional software test development. He outlines a methodology for developing functional tests from models that describes the operation of the system (aspect) to be tested. Automated test design is presented by showing modelling, steering of test generation, test case review, and all the way to test script generation based on the MBT tool Conformiq Designer™.

Do you know what Code Coverage is? Roland shows you at Droidcon in Berlin

Roland Bär, Chief Technical Officer of Verifysoft Technology, will show how to perform Code Coverage on Android devices.
The presentation will be held at Droidcon Berlin (March, 13th and 14th). Code Coverage is done with Testwell CTC++, a leading test coverage tool which is widely used in the telecommunication, automotive, healthcare and aeronautics sectors.
Testwell CTC++ analyses for code coverage on all embedded targets and OS like Android, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows CE, Symbian, Bada, Blackberry, ...
Further information: Droidcon

Verifysoft sponsors "French Software Testing Day" in Paris

Verifysoft Technology sponsors the "Journée Française des Tests Logiciels" (French Software Testing Day), an event organized by the "Comité Français des Tests Logiciels" (CFTL) in Paris on 3 April 2012.
Further information is available from the CFTL website.