Droidcon 2011 Amsterdam: Live Presentation of Test Coverage on Android Phones

Droidcon Amsterdam 2011


Verifysoft Technology sponsors Droidcon 2011 Amsterdam.

Please visit our booth
on Tuesday/Wednesday, 22+23 November 2011
at INIT, Amsterdam Oostenburgereiland, Czaar Peterstraat 213
1018 PL Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Roland Bär, Verifysoft Technology GmbH (Germany)
will give a presentation about test coverage on Android phones:

(30 minutes, 20 for presentation, 10 for questions)

Roland Bär at Droidcon by Jaime Visser

Roland Bär, explaines Code Coverage with Testwell CTC++ on Android
Photo © Jaime Visser
droidconNL, Amsterdam 2011

Test coverage reports are the only proof, that you have really tested your application.
We will start with a basic explanation, what test coverage basically is.
We have a look at different levels of coverage, starting from function coverage, to decision, condition, MC/DC (as required by DO178B) and multi-condition.

The test coverage tool in question is Testwell CTC++ plus the CTC++ for Java and C# add-on. Testwell CTC++ (Test Coverage Analyzer for C and C++) is an easy to use tool, to get test coverage virtually with any compiler and any target. Based on the assumption the JVM is just another target, and Java is just a kind of C++ dialect, the Java add-on was written as front-end from me. It worked later almost out of the box with Android.

First, we have a look, how to setup tool-chain for a native (NDK) application, how to prefix/overwrite the compiler there, then compile it, download to the phone, run the application, drop then data to /data/data/`package-name`/MON.txt (the place, you can e.g. store high-scores), and transfer it back to the host, convert it and create the test coverage report.

Then we will proceed with a Java Application, how to build with CTC++ and Ant. Download and run it. Basically same procedure to get coverage data out, convert and generate the reports.

Testwell CTC++ has been successfully used in aeronautics (DO178B), medical devices and automotive industry. The tool is a proprietary tool of Testwell Oy, Tampere, Finland.


About the lecturer:
Roland studied physics and telecommunication-technology in Karlsruhe and Offenburg (Germany). He participates in the development of Testwell and Parasoft testing tools. Since 2003 he is head of development and support at Verifysoft Technology.


[PDF]  Slide Presentation


You are interested in Testing of Embedded Systems?
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