Workshop: How can new Software Testing and Analysis Tools help in your Projects?

Verifysoft Technology and it´s partners have organised a free workshop

on Wednesday, 28 September 2011
at Technologiepark, 77656 Offenburg (Germany)


The presentation slides are now available:



09.00 Reception and Coffee

09.30 Introduction
(Klaus Lambertz, Managing Director, Verifysoft GmbH, Offenburg)
[PDF]  Slide Presentation: Verifysoft Short Introduction


09.45 Introduction in model based testing with Conformiq Tool Suite
(Klaus Lambertz, Managing Director / Roland Bär, Support Tools Verifysoft GmbH, Offenburg)
Conformiq Automated Test Design™ tools automate the design of functional tests for software and systems, helping software and system testing teams to spot more defects, shorten testing turnaround time, and tackle more of their testing challenges.
> more information
[PDF]  Slide Presentation: Conformiq Tool Suite


10.15 Elvior TestCast
(Andrus Lehtmets, CTO Elvior Tallinn, Estonia)
Elvior TestCast is a TTCN-3 test development and execution platform which includes TTCN-3 editor, TTCN-3 compiler and TTCN-3 executive. TestCast is ideal for incremental project development. It can be used for testing of an individual task or process. One can continue with the integration tests of a subsystem consisting of processes and later to integrate those subsystems and test them together as a whole software subsystem. It is even possible to continue to perform software/hardware integration tests where TestCast can be used to test software embedded in target hardware.
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[PDF]  Slide Presentation: Elvior TestCast

11.15 Coffee Break

11.30 TestWeaver (QTronic GmbH)
(Dr. Andreas Junghanns, Co-Founder of QTronic GmbH Berlin)
TestWeaver is a tool for automated validation of simulated systems. TestWeaver generates, runs and evaluates thousands of tests automatically. Each test is a sequence of inputs over time, automatically performed using simulation. TestWeaver generates the tests in a reactive, informed way, trying learn the system behavior from the results of the past simulations, in order to increase state coverage and to actively worsen sub-optimal scenarios until the system behavior is really bad, i.e. a bug or a design flaw has been found.
> more information
[PDF]  Slide Presentation: TestWeaver

12.30 Lunch Break

13.30 Software Diagnostics Developer Edition
(Ralf Elsner, Sales & Business Development, Software Diagnostics, Potsdam)
Software Diagnostics Developer Edition is an integrated recorder, debugger, and profiler for system dynamics. It significantly accelerates debugging activities and improves comprehension of system behavior. The Developer Edition records the internal activity of a running system and stores the captured runtime behavior as trace data. It reduces costs in debugging efforts, speeds up the time to market of software and reduces inconsistencies in software development. Software Diagnostics Developer Edition creates transparency and rapid comprehension of complex software systems for existing and new team members. > more information

14.00 Coffee Break

14h15 DataDrill Express: Your "GPS for Projects"
(Klaus Lambertz, Managing Director, Verifysoft GmbH, Offenburg)
DataDrill Express is a complete software project measurement solution that gives decision makers the information they need, when they need it.
Using DataDrill Express, companies quickly deploy intuitive, information-rich metrics captured directly from key data sources.
You can quantitatively manage all aspects of the software life cycle, from requirements to testing. Color-coded status of project performance focuses attention on underperforming areas, allowing managers to use DataDrill Express to quickly assess actual performance against plans. > more information
[PDF]  Slide Presentation: DataDrill GPS for Projects

15h00 Coffee Break

15.15 Software Diagnostics Studio
(Ralf Elsner, Sales & Business Development, Software Diagnostics, Potsdam)
Software Diagnostics Studio is a software development management tool that produces on-the-fly multi-purpose software maps to facilitate understanding and comprehension of complex software systems.
These software maps visualize clearly, precisely, and objectively software engineering data extracted from the configuration management system (CMS), from the source code, and from the running system. The tool is adaptable to any CMS.
Serving as a "software tomograph", each software map reveals insights into the structure, dynamics, and development process of the software system.
> more information

16h15 Questions and Answers / Discussion



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