Adapt the HTML Report to a Project

The HTML Report can be configured and scaled to the needs of your project.

Choosing the Layout

Development projects differ largely in structure and size. With the layout configuration, you can decide which structure with regard to directories, files and functions is appropriate and which level of detail you would like to see.

Example 1: For a project having all source files in one directory, you can select a layout showing files and functions on the overview page and source code views for each file.

Naming the Project

You can name the project (or every individual report for a project) with the option -D ProjectName="My Best Tool" of ctcreport. This name appears in the caption of all pages and in the title of the overview page.

Coping with Paths

Paths to source code files, used as source file identification by Testwell CTC++, bear two challenges: They can differ between instrumenting and reporting environment, and they can be too long to be read conveniently.

Two different features cope with that:
  1. You can map pathes recorded during instrumentation to the directory structure available when generating the HTML report.
  2. You can shorten the displayed path for better reading.

See ctcreport's options -map-source-identification and -shorten-path for details and examples.