BITCOV: Test execution on the target

To run a program instrumented with one of the BITCOV variants on the target, perform the following steps.

  1. Download the program to the target.
  2. Start it under debugger.
  3. Set a breakpoint at some proper point near program end.
  4. Let the program run.
  5. When the program comes to the breakpoint, dump the CTC_array[] to host to a file with default name MON.dmp.

With these steps, one test cycle at the target machine is completed.

Note: MON.dmp file is a copy from the target memory CTC_array[]. It can be captured with the debugger (In Intel hex format, for example). Alternatively, the file can be written as a straight binary dump of the array (schematically: fwrite(CTC_array, sizeof(CTC_array), sizeof(unsigned char), fp);).