Report Generation

To generate the reports after a test run directly from Eclipse, an external tool configuration can be done. This configuration will be available for the entire workspace.


On Windows, the GUI provided by the Visual Studio integration can be used in Eclipse. Create an external tool configuration in Eclipse IDE as shown below:

After this is configured once, select the MON.sym file in the project explorer for which you want to create a report. Start the external tool and configure which reports you want to generate.


The easiest way to implement a quick report generation of the HTML report, for example, is to write an executable wrapper script, containing the following lines:

ctcreport -measures mcdc,s

If the name of this script is, set an External Tools Configuration of Eclipse as

The variable ${container_loc} is used to set the working directory of the running script to the location of the folder containing the resource currently selected.

After this configuration is done once, a MON.sym or MON.dat can be selected in the project configurator, and then this external tool configuration will generate an HTML report in the directory containing the symbol and data file.