Further settings for instrumentation

During instrumentation, several macros can be defined for the ctc call.

All the macros, for example CTC_SAFE, can be added with parameter OPT_ADD_COMPILE on command-line or in a configuration file:
By default, coverage counters are incremented without overflow protection. If parts of the code are executed 2^32 times or more, the coverage can possibly be measured too low. With CTC_SAFE set, the overflow is prevented.
For switch-case blocks, jumping to a case is distinguished from falling through. A counter for a case is only incremented when it was reached by a jump directly to that case. With that macro set, this distinction is not done anymore.
Counters are allocated from heap with this setting. This macro is defined by default with OPT_ADD_COMPILE in ctc.ini for compilers typically not used for embedded targets.
The aim of this setting is to launch an "appender" threat for writing coverage data repeatedly out. See this example for details.