The IAR Embedded Workbench Integration for Testwell CTC++ is available for download at the customer area of Verifysoft, and can be installed on Windows.

  1. Testwell CTC++ including HOTA/ BITCOV has to be installed first.
  2. You need administrator rights to perform the installation.

To start the installation, run Setup.exe.

Setup.exe copies various files to your Testwell CTC++ directory and registers the IAR integration for the current user in the IAR Embedded Workbench GUI.

To use the integration as another user, log in and run the program iar_integ.bat in the directory %CTCHOME%\Iar_integ.

For builds from IDE or command-line, ctclaunch is used together with IarBuild.

Note: Before using it for the first time, check if all compilers and linkers you use are present in ctclaunch.ini in the Testwell CTC++ home directory.

Files and Menu Entries

After installation, the following files are available in the Testwell CTC++ home directory:

Additional documentation
Compiler settings for several IAR compilers
Contains a modified copy of the runtime library from standard HOTA
Installation logfile of this integration (and other add-ons).

In the IDE of IAR Embedded Workbench, three entries have been made in the Tools menu:

  • CTC++ Set/ Clean...
  • CTC++ Instrumented Build
  • CTC++ Report...