The Visual Studio integration is delivered with the initial installation of Testwell CTC++. To add the functionality to the Visual Studio menu, every user has to run the installation script for their Visual Studio instance once.

The installation script is located in \vs_integ folder of Testwell CTC++ home directory. Launch a command prompt as administrator and install the Visual Studio integration with
vs_integ.bat -install

The installation script detects the installed Visual Studio versions. Installation will be done after confirming installation dialog. Two external commands "CTC++ Set/Clean..." and "CTC++ Report..." are added to Visual Studio's "Tools" menu. Environment variable CTCWRAPDIR is set to %TEMP%\ctc.

Visual Studio integration with two external commands

Below you can see the settings made by installation.

Configuration of CTC++ Set/Clean command

Configuration of CTC++ Report command

Note: To uninstall this Visual Studio integration, you can use the following command:
vs_integ.bat -remove