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10 criteria for selecting a code coverage tool

In the following article, which was recently published on the portal "embedded.com",
10 criteria for selecting a code coverage tool are described. These are among others: Independence from compiler, Ease of use, Comprehensibility of the coverage reports, Support of higher coverage levels for safety-critical development, Flexible Integration,
Low Instrumentation Overhead and Support of different programming languages.

Particularly in safety-critical software development, industry standards prescribe precise requirements for code coverage, so that products cannot be certified here without proof of sufficient test coverage. But also in other development projects, companies increasingly attach great importance to software quality and measure code coverage.
Various code coverage analyzers are available on the market for measuring code coverage. They differ significantly in terms of handling and quality. Read the entire article here.
Testwell CTC++: Version 9.1.2 Available

Verifysoft has released a new version (9.1.2) of Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser. Customer with valid software maintenance can download the new version 9.1.2 of the Code Coverage Analyser via the Verifysoft Customer Area. If you are customer and you don't have the credentials for our download platform, please contact us.
Verifysoft welcomes G3TEK Embedded Technologies as Distributor for Testwell Tools in Turkey

Verifysoft appointed G3TEK Embedded Technologies as distributor for Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser in Turkey. G3TEK is based in Ankara/Turkey and provides local services and software development solutions for embedded / real-time applications. The company helps its customers reduce their expenses and get to the market on time. It produces solutions in the fields of defense, aerospace, energy, rail systems and automotive. G3TEK provides software development tools for embedded / real-time applications, DO-178 B/C certifiable RTOS, middleware libraries, UML & SysML modeling tools, static analysis tools, GUI development tools and JTAG emulators. More information is available from G3TEK’s website.
Testwell CTC++ is the leading code coverage analyzer for embedded software. The tool is currently successfully used by 700+ customers in 39 countries.
Imagix 4D: Your Solution for
Software Problems

In average more than 50% of the time in software development is spent for maintenance. There are problems in understanding software, in modifying software, in documenting software, ... Is there a solution? Yes! Imagix 4D visualizes software and speeds understanding. Metrics and software checks improve quality - the doc engine automates document generation. Learn more about Imagix 4D in our video!

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