The Postprocessor ctcpost

With the tool ctcpost, text reports and XML reports can be generated from the raw coverage data. It can also be used to combine symbol files or data files. Further, ctcpost can be used to display a listing of the contents of symbol files or data files.

Generating reports

On a high level, there are several sets of options:

ctcpost [general options] [symbol-files] [data-files] [-ff | -fd | -fc | -fmcdc] [special options] {-p | -u | -t | -x} filename


ctcpost -x report.xml
ctcpost MyMON.sym MyMON1.dat MyMON2.dat -fmcdc -p report.txt

Combining symbol files

ctcpost [general options] symbol-files -a target-symbol-file

Combining data files

ctcpost [general options] data-files -a target-data-file

Getting the content of symbol/data files

ctcpost [general options]{-l | -L} {symbol-file | data-file}…