The Report Generator ctcreport

With ctcreport, coverage reports in HTML format are generated from symbol and data files. The structure of the report can be chosen from different layouts.

The HTML report shows aggregated coverage information for functions, files and directories as well as an annotated copy of the source code. The source code view shows coverage counters for all instrumentation probes and detail information for more complex coverage measures like MC/DC.


ctcreport [symbol and data files] [options]

See Options of ctcreport for details.


Call without any options - Generates a report from MON.sym and MON.dat in current directory with default layout. The output directory is CTC-HTML-REPORT. Coverage measures are derived from instrumentation mode:


A report in default folder CTC-HTML-REPORT with MC/DC, decision and statement coverage for one symbol file MON.sym and two data files from unit / integration tests. The default layout is used:

ctcreport MON.sym unittest.dat integration.dat -measures mcdc,d,s

A small project called "Tiny Bot" contains all source files in one directory. A suitable layout is chosen1. Function and multicondition coverage are reported, output folder is HTML-4711 :

ctcreport -measures f,m -html S -D ProjectName="Tiny Bot" -o HTML-4711
1 If the delivered layout block in ctcreport-layout.ini was not changed