Error Messages of ctcxmlmerge

The error messages are written to stderr, containing a error number, an internal error code, and a description.

List of error numbers and some explanations:

1: Option @ requires the argument without space.
2: Option -p requires argument.
3: Option -x requires argument.
4: Option -f requires argument.
5: Option -nf requires argument.
See The XML-Merging Tool ctcxmlmerge for details about its options.
6: Unknown option: X
An option X was tried to be used, but it doesn't exist.
7: Input XML file name extension not allowed: FILE
8: Input XML file name extension missing: FILE
As input file the file extension has to be ".xml"
9: Input XML file does not exist: FILE
10: No input XML file.
11: Options file does not exist: FILE
12: Input is not CTC++ XML report: FILE
The given input file is not an XML report generated by ctcpost.
13: Input is an empty file: FILE
14: Input XML file generated by old ctcpost version: VERSION
Input XML files from this version are not supported.
15: Input header info missing: FILE
The referred XML input file does not contain a proper header.
16: Different coverage view inputs cannot be merged.
The XML input files are not all generated with same coverage level, determined by the instrumentation option of ctc and the report generation of ctcpost.
17: Different instrumentation modes: FILE
The referred code file is in two XML input files, and the file is not instrumented in same way.
18: Out of range exception: REASON
19: Out of memory.
20: Internal error exception.
21: Output option missing.
Either -p or -x option is missing.
22: Unknown probe type.
The input XML file might be from a different version, or changed manually.
23: Input line too long.
The input XML file may not be written by ctcpost, bad input.