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Unit- and Software-Integration Tests in Safety Criticals Projects

Unit- and Software-Integration Tests in Safety Criticals Projects(228)
01:03:15     July 2023     English     Recorded Webinar by Martin Heininger (HEICON)
00:01 Agenda
05:32 Introduction (White Box Testing, Black Box Testing)
16:00 How are the expected functional test results determined?
22:20 Which test methodes are used to create normal range test cases?
24:40 Which test methodes are used to create robustness test cases?
28:20 What role plays the structured source code coverage?
35:30 How do you successfully and efficiently perform test reviews?
40:30 Take Home Message
44:00 Presentation of Code Coverage Analyzer Testwell CTC++
55:50 Q&A (MATLAB, MON.sym and MON.dat, Departement involved in test reviews, Instrumented Code in the final product, Traceability)

Challenges in the use of AI systems for testing safety critical software

Challenges in the use of AI systems for testing safety critical software (226)
01:02:07     Mai 2023     English     (by Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heininger, HEICON)
00:00 Introduction Verifysoft Technology
02:00 Introduction HEICON Global Engineering
06:42 Definition of articial intelligence (AI)
16:46 Status of Standardization
32:37 Comparison of AI algorithms and classical software
38:43 Use of AI in Requirements / Test engineering
43:29 Conclusion
45:33 Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyzer

Testwell CTC++ Version 10 - What's New?

Testwell CTC++ Version 10 - What's New? (213)
30:01     January 2023     English     (by Dr. Sabine Poehler, Verifysoft)
The new Testwell CTC++ Version 10.0.0 focuses on report generation: a new reporting tool, ctcreport, is responsible for generating template-based HTML reports. ...

Testwell CTC++: The New HTML-Report of version 10 and later

Testwell CTC++: The New HTML-Report of version 10 and later (215)
19:38     January 2023     English     (by Dr. Sabine Poehler, Verifysoft)
00:00 NEW HTML-REPORT Introduction
01:11 Handling and User Guidance (faster, better, more beautiful)
09:24 Headers and Conditionally Compiled Code (major improvements)
13:24 Adaptations of the layout (functions, files, directories / overview, detailed page, source code view)

Verification process

Proven verification process that simultaneously fulfils the standards IEC 61508, DIN EN 50128, EN 50567 and ISO25119 (211)
0:59:33     November 2022     English     (by Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heininger, HEICON
Selecting the right methods of Functional Safety Standards require a lot of experience. Martin Heininger (HEICON Global Engineering) shows during this recorded webinar how to proceed.
-   When do you use static tests?
-   Is a walkthrough more efficient and effective than an inspection?
-   Why does only an integrated test strategy prevent a cost explosion?
-   When does structural coverage measurement offer real added value?

ISO 26262: Experience-based selection

ISO 26262: Experience-based selection of software development measures and methods (208)
1:04:13     October 2022     English     (by Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heininger, HEICON)
Informal - Semi-formal - Formal Notation Principles
Safety architecture principles
Handling of coding guidelines
Review - Static Analysis
Unit – Integrations - Systemtest
Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analysis
Questions and Answers (Do assessors accept a pracmatic approach?)


Code Coverage and Tool Qualification for Safety Critical Systems (recorded webinar)
15:06     February 2022    English     (by Dinesh Dulipsingh, Lexingtonsoft)
If you are in the business of developing software applications for Automotive, Transportation, Railways, Industrial, Medical or Aviation industries, find out why selecting the right code coverage tool, and validating the tools compliance with essential security standards (including ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128, DO-178) can be a critical aspect in the release of high quality, safety critical software.
By Mr. Dinesh Dulipsingh, Managing Director of Lexington Soft (P) Ltd. Dinesh has 25+ years of work experience in the field of engineering, sales, sales leadership, and channel partner management.


Testwell CTC++ Tool-Qualification (by Oscar Slotosch, recorded webinar)
27:21     February 2022    English     (by Dr. Oscar Slotosch, Validas AG)
Part 2 of the recorded webinar "Code Coverage and Tool Qualification for Safety Critical Systems" handles the qualification of tools for the safety critical development.

White-Box Testing in safety-related Projects

White-Box Testing in safety-related Projects
1:05:15     January 2022     English     (by Martin Heininger, HEICON Global Engineering)
In order to deliver reliable software, it shall be properly tested. In safety-related projects the scope of testing and the kind of tools to be implemented to perform the testing is defined by safety standards like ISO 26262, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, 62304, IEC 60880. Software validation- and certification experts from HEICON will show the attendees what factors are important to successfully perform white-box testing in safety-related projects.

Code Coverage Made Easy

Code Coverage Made Easy with Testwell CTC++
23:43     October 2021     English     (by Klaus Lambertz, Verifysoft)
This video gives you an introduction about how to make Code Coverage easy with the leading test coverage analyser Testwell CTC++:
0:00 Verifysoft: Introduction
2:05 What is code coverage and why measure it? (including code coverage levels)
9:44 Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser (main advantages)
21:30 Complementary tools (short overview).


Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyzer (Recorded Webinar, English, 157)
20:06     April 2021     English     (by Dr. Sabine Poehler, Verifysoft)
Testwell CTC++ is a leading Code Coverage Analyzer for the Software Industry – for embedded software as well as application development. This Webinar from April 2021 shows the key strengths of Testwell CTC++ and Verifysoft TECHNOLOGY, the company behind.

Code Coverage levels explained

Explanation of different Code Coverage levels
05:28     June 2019     English     (by Dr. Sabine Poehler, Verifysoft)
This video explains code coverage levels such as Function Coverage, Statement Coverage, Decision Coverage, Path Coverage, MC/DC Coverage, and Multicondition Coverage (by Sabine Poehler, Product Manager Testwell Tools, Verifysoft Technology).

Refactoring using Imagix4D
Webinar: Refactoring using Imagix4D
18:22     May 2019     (by Jan-David Baltzer, Verifysoft)
In order to protect investments continuous refactoring is essential to increase lifetime of software applications. Sometimes it pays off to perform refactoring of legacy code. In that case the program has potential to be reused in the latest projects. Thereby the code is revised towards an improved maintainability and extensibility while keeping its functionality.
Imagix 4D is the ideal tool to assist you in performing the refactoring process. A comprehensive and well-arranged visualization of the existing architecture facilitates achieving a fast understanding of component interaction. Modifications can be performed smoothly.
Find out, how Imagix 4D can help to support with refactoring.
ISO 26262 and Code Coverage

ISO 26262 and Code Coverage
14:45     October 2018     (by Klaus Lambertz, Verifysoft)
ISO 26262 is an international standard for functional safety of road vehicles. In order to evaluate the completeness of test cases, ISO 26262 requires the measurement of structural coverage. Depending on the Automotive Safety Integrity Level statement coverage, branch coverage and/or MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage) is required.

Why measuring Code Coverage can safe life and a ton of Money

Why measuring Code Coverage can safe life and a ton of Money
16:14     August 2018     English     (by Sebastian Götzinger, Verifysoft)
Uncovered code can hide ticking time bombs. This video taken from a joined webpresentation of Verifysoft and QATestLab (Kiev) describes the benefits of code coverage. The example shows how the MP3 player Zune bug could have been avoided. Although all requirements had been tested and Statement Coverage had been achieved, an error came up in a crucial part of the software. Sebastian Götzinger shows that releasing uncovered code by acccident is avoidable.

Testwell CTC++ le film

LA vidéo de TESTWELL CTC++: Quelle importance a la qualité logicielle?
08:06     janvier 2017     Français
Quelle importance a un code logiciel correct? De toute évidence, le succès de votre entreprise en dépend!
Ce film sur Testwell CTC++ vous montre comment créer de la confiance envers la qualité de votre propre code.
Apprenez comment faire tous les tests nécessaires pour votre projet, mais pas plus que ce dont vous avez besoin.
Cette vidéo explique comment obtenir des rapports de tests complets sans modifier votre code source.
Vous comprendrez ensuite pourquoi Testwell CTC++ est l'outil de couverture de code le plus performant.
Découvrez tous les avantages de cet outil en 8 minutes sur notre vidéo!


Safety Standards and related Code Coverage Levels (ECS Stockholm)
27:34     December 2015     English     (by Olivier Casse, Verifysoft)
This presentation has been held at Embedded Confernece Scandinavia in Stockholm (November 2015). Olivier Casse (Verifysoft France) shows which code coverage levels are required by saftety standards and how to achieve them with Testwell CTC++.

Quali Kit Boxen

Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser: General Presentation
12:54     September 2014     English     (by Olivier Casse, Verifysoft)
Watch why hundreds of companies rely on Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser for mesuring code coverage of their safety critical projects. This introduction includes the history of CTC++, supported coverage levels, compliance with safty standards, support of all compilers and all embedded targets, ...