Starting ctc

The use of the Testwell CTC++ preprocessor utility ctc is connected to the command for compiling/linking.

ctc can be started in one of the following two ways:
ctc [-h]
This gives a short online help of the available options. To instrument code, ctc is used as follows:
ctc [ctc-options] command command-options-and-files
where [ctc-options] are:
[-i {f|d|m|te|ti}…] [-n symbol-file]
[-v] [-V] [-k] [@optionsfile] [-dump-config]…
[-c conf-file[;conf-file]…]… 
[-C PARAMETER{=|+|-}value] …
[-2comp] [-no-comp] [-no-templates] [-no-warnings]

Options must be separated from their arguments with a space.


ctc cl -c myfile1.cpp myfile2.cpp
ctc link /out:myprog.exe myfile1.obj myfile2.obj

ctc –v –n XMON –C "NO_EXCLUDE+*\xdir\*.h" cl /Fexprog.exe x*.cpp

ctc –i m –n D:\myproj\tests\MON.sym cl /Feyprog.exe *.c
ctc -i dti -C TIMER=mytimerfunc cl -c mycriticalfile.c