Putting the License Server into Service

The license server used to manage floating licenses for Testwell CTC++ is an independent software package available for Windows, Linux and macOS. An existing license server from revenera / FlexNet Publisher can be used, or the full package can be downloaded from the customer area of Verifysoft.

The server software package contains the following components:

readme.txt a short instruction
fnp_LicAdmin.pdf detailed manual for license administrators from revenera
testwelld(.exe) vendor daemon for Testwell tools
lmgrd(.exe) license server manager
lmutil(.exe) command-line based license administration tool
lmtools.exe (Windows) GUI based license administration tool
makefile (Linux and macOS) Installation support

Using an existing license server

To extend the service, you need:

  • The vendor daemon testwelld. It is available from the license server packages at the customer area.
  • A license file, typically called testwell.lic and provided from your vendor with the purchase of Testwell CTC++.

The version of your server software must be at least the version of the vendor daemon. If that is not the case, an upgrade of the server is necessary.

Installation on Windows

Copy all files to a directory of your choice. The license file (typically named testwell.lic) must also be available on the designated server.

Then you can use lmtools to configure the server. It is recommended to choose the option "Configuration using Services".

Details about lmtools and the configuration possibilities are described in fnp_LicAdmin.pdf.

Installation on Linux and macOS

Perform the installation with the makefile and one of the commands
make install
make install FLEXLMBASE=your_installation_target_directory

By default, the directory /usr/local/flexlm is used for the installation.

The license file (typically named testwell.lic) must also be available on the designated server.

Details about server configuration and operation with lmgrd are described in fnp_LicAdmin.pdf.