License Supply for the Client

Every Testwell CTC++ instance needs a license to run. This license can be obtained by a local license file, often named testwell.lic, or from a license server managing floating licenses for Testwell CTC++.

A license file to be used locally, for example during evaluation, is typically put to the installation folder of Testwell CTC++ (referenced by CTCHOME).

To connect to a license server, the license server name and the port number (if not defaulted) must be known.

In both cases, the following methods are available to define the license target (accessed in that order):
  1. the environment variable TESTWELLD_LICENSE_FILE,
  2. the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE,
  3. the configuration parameter FLEXLM_LICENSE_FILE, typically defined in ctc.ini.

For a local license file, the path and file name must be specified in one of these entities.

FLEXLM_LICENSE_FILE = C:\Testwell\CTC\testwell.lic

To connect to a license server, the notation port@server_name is used. Without a port specified, the client tries the range 27000 - 27009.

FLEXLM_LICENSE_FILE = 27000@our-license-server

A call of ctc with option -V shows if a license can be obtained and provides more information about it:

License Information:

   License Server: (local file)
   License NTCTC:  Evaluation License (5AB3B, 2023.1231)
                   Expires 31-aug-2023