The Build Launcher ctclaunch

In productive use, the instrumenting tool ctc is usually not used directly, but has to integrate with an existing build process. ctclaunch is the recommended tool to be used for that purpose. The alternative tool is ctcwrap.

Note: ctclaunch is available for Windows and Linux.

With the build command passed to ctclaunch, an instrumented version of the test executable is built. To build a non-instrumented version again, the original build command, possibly with a full rebuild, is used.

For other builds executed in parallel, only the build process initiated by ctclaunch leads to an instrumented version. The other builds are not affected by the Testwell CTC++ toolchain. This is the key advantage of ctclaunch compared to the use of ctcwrap with option -hard.

Call on Command Line

ctclaunch [-h] [-H [search-term]] [-log] [-iar] [ctc options] build command

Option -h shows a short help. Option -H opens this page of ctclaunch in Testwell CTC++ Help. When followed by a search term, the search function of the Testwell CTC++ Help is opened with this term instead.

With -log, detailed log files starting with ctclaunchlog_ are written to
  • %TEMP%\ctclog on Windows,
  • /tmp/ctclog on Linux.

The option -iar is mandatory in combination with iarbuild.exe from IAR Embedded Workbench on Windows.