The Memory Dump Converter dmp2txt

The tool dmp2txt converts the dumped BITCOV array to HOTA toolchain’s MON.txt format.

Syntax and Options of dmp2txt

dmp2txt [options] dump-file aux-file
-h, --help
Displays help on screen
-l8, -l16, -l32, -l64, -l128, -b8, -b16, -b32, -b64, -b128
Endianness (l/b) and number of bits per array element. 1 is default, and the options -l8 and -b8 are the same. These options are not needed when bits are used, but only for BYTECOV or use of integral counters.
By default, dmp2txt recognizes the format of the dumped array automatically. For very small files, this does not always work. With this option, the format can manually set to one of the values: Auto|Intel|Intel16|Motorola|Tektronix|TektronixExtended|Bitcov|Verilog|Binary.
The array dumped to a file. dmp2txt detects the dump file format automatically.
The auxiliary file generated during instrumentation, named MON.aux by default.

The result is written to stdout. It can be directed to a file or directly piped to ctc2dat.


dmp2txt MON.hex MON.aux > MON.txt
dmp2txt MON.dmp MON.aux >> MON.txt
dmp2txt MON.dmp MON.aux | ctc2dat