The Postprocessor ctcpost

The tool ctcpost can be used for combining and analyzing symbol and data files.

Combining symbol files

ctcpost [general options] symbol-files -a target-symbol-file

Combining data files

ctcpost [general options] data-files -a target-data-file

Getting the content of symbol/data files

ctcpost [general options]{-l | -L} {symbol-file | data-file}…

Generating reports (Deprecated)

Note: ctcpost also generates text ("profile.txt") and XML reports, but these report formats are no longer actively developed. Results can differ from reports generated with ctcreport, for example when header files are instrumented. This reporting functionality is possibly withdrawn in a future release.

For report generation, there are several sets of options:

ctcpost [general options] [symbol-files] [data-files] [-ff | -fd | -fc | -fmcdc] [special options] {-p | -u | -t | -x} filename