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TÜV Süd Certificate for the Code Coverage Analyzer Testwell CTC++ and Safety Package available

The Testing Laboratory for Safety Components of TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH has certified that
Testwell CTC++

  • is suitable to be used in safety-related development according to IEC 61508:2010 for any SIL,
  • is qualified to be used in a standard-compliant development process according to
    ISO 26262:2018 for any ASIL,
  • is suitable to be used in safety-related software development according to
    EN 50128:2011/A2:2020 for any SIL,
  • is suitable to be used in safety related development according to
    IEC 62304:2006+A1:2015 for any software safety class.

To the Certificate.

Furthemore a Safety Package for the Code Coverage Analyzer Testwell CTC++ is now available. In addition to the TÜV certificate, Testwell CTC++ customers receive supplementary documents such as a Safety Manual and access to the Known Bugs list. Via a subscription, the customer is actively informed about updates of the included documents.
Due to the Safety Package, Testwell CTC++ can be used in safety-critical software development without further qualification activities for all safety levels of the standards IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128 and IEC 62304. Learn more.

For further information regarding the usage of Testwell CTC++ in safety critical development, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Testwell CTC++ with improved IAR integration

Verifysoft’s Code Coverage Analyzer Testwell CTC++ already includes numerous integrations, configurations and converters for a wide variety of customer environments as standard.
With version 6.12, an update of integration with the IAR Embedded Workbench has now been released. Furthermore, previous versions of Testwell CTC++ and IAR are also supported. Besides full support for Testwell CTC++'s new HTML report generator, the update also includes numerous improvements related to the latest IAR versions.
Imagix 4D Version 10.5.1 Available

Imagix has released version 10.5.1 of Imagix 4D. The focus of this release is AUTOSAR-C++ 2014.
Imagix 10.5.1 provides a checklist for AUTOSAR-C++ 2014 which specifies coding guidelines for the usage of the C++14 language as defined by ISO/IEC 14882:2014, in the safety-related and critical systems. The main application sector is automotive, but it can be used in other embedded application sectors. The Imagix checklist includes all rules defined by AUTOSAR.

Using the Imagix review feature guides the user in checking the rules and automates most computations. The rules requiring documentation by the user have no automated steps but ask to attach the documentation. Automated rules list all violations accurately as long as the project was analyzed without any errors and the code was complete. Rules that are partially or non-automated might still enumerate any potential locations and require human review to decide on concerns and violations. Check out the complete list of rules and their automation level.

Using AUTOSAR-C++ in Imagix requires the MISRA license extension. Imagix 10.5.1 adds support for running some operations of the Review Tool through batch mode commands.
The new version also adds the ability to load source code into the tool through the Microsoft Visual Studio Build logfiles. Imagix 4D 10.5.1 completes support for C++ 2022 and provides also some bugs fixes.
Embedded World Nuremberg: Highlights at Verifysoft

Verifysoft was with 10 people at the Embedded World in Nuremberg and showed first-class tools for increasing and securing software quality for embedded software.
We would like to thank the numerous visitors for the interesting discussions.

You can get an overview of the trade fair happenings and the highlights at our booth in our Trade fair video and on our trade fair review.

  • Free Webinar: "Unit and software integration testing in safety-critical projects" will take place on
    13th July 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

    For more information click here!
Trade show:

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