Vendors of Technologies distributed by Verifysoft

Verifysoft Technology is vendor of the following tools:
Testwell Logo

Verifysoft has acquired the intellectual property rights of this tools from the Finnish company Testwell Oy in July 2013.
The sales and support is done directly by Verifysoft and via distributors.

In addition to our own technologies, we provide complementary tools of our partners:
Imagix Logo

Imagix Corp.

San Luis Obispo/CA, USA
Code Checker, architecture analyser
Tool: Imagix 4D
Distribution for DE, AT, CH, LI, FR, NL, BE, LU, PL, CZ, SK, HU, SLO, ES, PT, UK, IRL
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GrammaTech Static Code Analysis Screenshot 03


Ithaca/New York, USA
Static Code Analysis
Tool: CodeSonar
Distribution for DE, AT, CH, LI
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Technology Partners

Greenhills Logo

Green Hills

Green Hills' platform-independent, certified safe and secure real-time operating systems and embedded development solutions support the broadest range of hardware and software platforms.
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MicroConsult Is Your Partner for Embedded Systems Engineering: Professional Training, Project Support and Consulting. From microcontrollers to system design, benefit from our decades of experience in embedded. Knowhow transfer tailored to meet your needs and project objectives - people and practice oriented, concise and straightforward.
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PikeTec develops and markets the testing tool TPT. TPT (Time Partition Testing) provides unique features to create tests intuitively and flexible. TPT can be connected via interfaces to many well-known development tools like CANape or Lauterbach’s TRACE32.
Our Code Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++ can be used in order to measure the code coverage of C-code with TPT.
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QATestLab is an independent provider of QA and testing services.
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