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VDC Research Report: Market for Automated Testing and Static Analysis Tools Growing

(Ithaca, New York/USA, Offenburg/Germany, 15 December 2017)

The VDC report entitled "The Global Market for Automated Software & Security Testing Tools" states that the market for testing tools is increasing and that software developers are accepting the fact that finding and fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities early has huge benefits in terms of cost, time and product quality and security.
According to the report, 82.3% of static analysis tools used in the enterprise and IT market, as well as 45.5% in embedded and IoT market, are focused on security.
Unfortunately, despite this growth, security risk mitigation is still not being addressed enough in embedded projects. Only 22.9% of embedded/IoT engineers is not taking any actions to address potential issues on current projects. It is important that embedded and IoT manufacturers take more action on securing their devices.
The VDC report has numerous findings about the automated testing market as a whole.
Some interesting points made in the report related to static analysis include the following:
  • A general recommendation to include static analysis as part of a automated testing portfolio
  • Static analysis tools are often easier to adopt than other automated testing tools making them a good entry point for adoption
  • The re-use/use of third party code in embedded projects continues to grow and the adoption of binary static analysis, although initially small, is growing rapidly.
More information: GrammaTech Blog

Beijing Siener Electronics Tech. Development Ltd. Becomes Distributor for Testwell-Tools in China

(Offenburg/Germany, Beijing/China, 28 January 2016)

Verifysoft, vendor of the leading Test Coverage Analyser Testwell CTC++ and the software testing and analysis tools Testwell CTA++, CMT++, and CMTJava today announced the appointment of Beijing Siener Electronics Tech. Development Ltd. as its distributor in China.
Beijing Siener, a privately held company with headquarters in Beijing/China with offices in Shanghai/China, represents already companies like HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH, pls Development Tools, and GLIWA GmbH in the fast growing Chinese market.
"We are excited to be a reseller for Verifysoft because their code coverage analyser Testwell CTC++ is unequalled in the industry," said Peter Liu, Managing Director at Beijing Siener Electronics Tech. Development Ltd. "Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser works with all embedded targets and supports all compilers. The tool makes it easier for software development teams to meet code coverage requirements and to meet the specifications of industry standards like ISO 26262."
"China is an important market for us," said Klaus Lambertz, CEO of Verifysoft Technology. "We are glad to have Beijing Siener as a partner to better support Testwell CTC++ users in the region and to further extend our customer base in China."
Verifysoft Technology will present it´s flagship tool Testwell CTC++ during "Multicore Embedded Toolchains Workshop for Multicore ECU Development" in Shanghai on March 8th and 9th, 2016.   > further information

Verifysoft Becomes First European Distributor of the Source Code Checking and Architecture Analysis Tool Imagix 4D

(Offenburg/Germany, San Luis Obispo/USA, 2 January 2016)

Imagix Corporaton has choosen Verifysoft Technology as European distributor for it´s Source Code Checking and Architecture Analysis Tool Imagix 4D. Verifysoft will handle sales and support for Imagix in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal.
Imagix 4D is used for reverse-engineering, quality analysis and documentation of software written in C, C++ and Java. Customers include leading global companies like General Dynamics, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Nissan, and Siemens. Imagix 4D is also used by US governmental agencies such as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA.
Imagix is a privately-held corporation, which is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California. > further information about Imagix

Enhanced Support for French-speaking customers

(Offenburg/Germany, Paris/France, 27 November 2013)

Verifysoft welcomes Mr. Olivier Casse as Regional Sales Manager. e is based in Paris and will support our French-speaking customers inFrance, Switzerland and Belgium starting from January 2014.
Mr. Casse brings to the company over 20 years of professional experience in technical sale of embedded software tools for software tools providers like Wind River, Atego, Artisan, I-Logix etc. > Distributors

Enhanced support for French-speaking customers

(Offenburg/Germany, Paris/France, 27 November 2013)

Verifysoft welcomes Mr. Olivier Casse as Regional Sales Manager. He is based in Paris and will support our French-speaking customers in France, Switzerland and Belgium starting from January 2014.
Mr. Casse brings to the company over 20 years of professional experience in technical sale of embedded software tools for software tools providers like Wind River, Atego, Artisan, I-Logix etc.

Verifysoft Distributor Days 2013 in Offenburg (Germany)

(Offenburg/Germany, 25 October 2013)

Verifysoft organises regularly trainings and meetings for Testwell CTC++ and Testwell CMT++/Java distributors. The latest training for our distributors was held from October 21 to 24 in Offenburg (Germany). Our partners from France, India, Italy and the United Kingdom participated in this Distributor Days. Besides technical and sales training there was also a social event on the agenda. During a guided tour in the Black Forest Open Air Museum the Testwell specialsts experienced how was life 400 years ago - without computers, software bugs and without any need for good testing tools...
Since the acquisition of the Testwell technology in July 2013, Verifysoft has already signed distribution agreements with partners in Finland, Israel, India, Italy, Korea and UK. We will also strengthen our position in the French market and have started discussions in order to cover USA and Japan.
Verifysoft´s flagship product, Testwell CTC++ is the leading Code Coverage Analyser and works with all compiler and all (even very small) embedded targets and microcontrollers. "There is an increasing demand for Testwell CTC++ from all over the world," said Verifysoft CEO Klaus Lambertz. "We need to rely on well trained partners in order to satisfy our customers on all five continents."

New Company and Testwell Tool Flyer Available

(Offenburg/Germany, 22 July 2013)

A new Verifysoft company and product flyer is now available for download. The brochure provides information on Testwell CTC++, Testwell CMT++ and CMTJava, as well as for Verybench for CMT++. There is also some background information about our company.
Download:   English       German

New License Terms and Price List for Testwell Tools

(Tampere/Finland, Offenburg/Germany, 15 October 2012)

Since 15 October 2012 new license conditions and prices are applied for all purchases of Testwell CTC++, CMT++/CMTJava and CTA++.
Floating (FLEXlm) licenses are now valid for worldwide use within one company. Until now floating licenses have been limited to a site, country or region.
For small or time limited projects/small companies we propose now also MAC-address bound licenses (available for Windows platform only) which are time limited (per default one year). This licenses are stictly machine bound, replacements to other machines are no more possible).
Offers which have already been issued remain valid until their expiration date.

New Company and Product Flyer available

(Offenburg/Germany, 27 September 2010)

An updated Verifysoft company and product flyer is now available for download. The brochure provides information on our software testing and analysis tools, automatic test generator Conformiq Tool Suite, code coverage and metric analysis tools, unit test tools as well as some background information about our company.
Download:        English         Deutsch         Français

PAC-Study: Software-Testing booms

(7 September 2010)

According to the study Worldwide Testing Services: Global View 2010-2014 of the marketanalist Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) software testing is one of the fastest-growing areas of IT expenditure.
In 2010 approximatively euros 79bn will be spent worldwide for tests (including internel and external testing skills, tools and related hardware and systems). This cost should reach the barrier of euros 100bn in 2014, with a growth of 5,2% per year. The testing sector is becoming one of the most active on the labormarket. The study estimates that the number of professional testers exceeds already 100 000 worldwide.
The testing market is growing, because companies realises that no or inadequate testing may cause significant costs.

Verifysoft moved to new offices

(Offenburg/Germany, 17 August 2010)

Over the past years, Verifysoft Technology has realized consistent growth through successful customer and partner relationships. We now move to larger offices in new building at Technologiepark Offenburg. The new location offers the best conditions for further development of our company.
New address is In der Spoeck 10-12, 77656 Offenburg, Germany.
Visitors address is In der Spoeck 12, TPO II.
You can reach our staff at the usual phone-, fax numbers and email addresses.

Academic Program: Presentations in Toulouse

(Toulouse, 18-19 January 2010)

Verifysoft presented the quality process in software development at eXia Toulouse, as well as at ENSEEIHT (School of Electrical Engineering - Automation, Electronics - Signal Processing, Computer Science - Applied Mathematics, Hydraulics - Fluid Mechanics, Telecommunications - Networks).
As part of the academic program, Verifysoft equips laboratories or classrooms with its software testing tools for a very preferential price.
Presentation    Academic Program

Verifysoft to uncover serious bug in Mono C# Compiler

(4 October 2007)

Verifysoft found a serious bug in Mono C# compiler during the development of "CTC++ for Java and C# (Code Coverage for C# and Java).
The binaries compiled with the yet unfixed compiler are rendered untrusted, at least must be then recompiled with a future fixed version. The bug is confirmed by Novell:

Verifysoft signs distribution agreement for a Static Analysis Tool with Vendor from California

(1 August 2006)

Verifysoft Technology and a vendor based in San Francisco/USA have signed an agreement for the distributionship of a static analysis tool for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The Californian company was founded in 2002 by leading Stanford University scientists.

ZF Group and Verifysoft Technology signed agreement about testing tools

(22 September 2004)

ZF group and Verifysoft Technology signed an agreement about special conditions for purchasing software testing and analysis tools.
Headquartered in Friedrichshafen (Germany) ZF group is one of the leading suppliers of the automotive industry. ZF employs more than 50,000 people in 25 countries. Company turnover in 2003 was more than 8,900 million Euros.
Testing tools of Testwell have already been successful in use at ZF Friedrichshafen AG and ZF Lenksysteme GmbH (a joint venture of ZF and Bosch) to ensure software quality and reliability. The agreement will grant special conditions to all ZF companies (more than 100 sites worldwide) for purchasing technologies distributed by Verifysoft.

Verifysoft markets and supports Conformiq Test Generator ™ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

(Espoo/Helsinki, 30 June 2004)

Conformiq Software Ltd., a leading Finnish software testing and test consulting company, and Verifysoft Technology announce today the signature of an agreement concerning sales and support of Conformiq Test Generator in German speaking countries.
Conformiq Test Generator is a dynamic test automation tool that replaces the manual process of writing test scripts with automatically generated test cases.
Conformiq Test Generator´s test models are presented as UML state diagrams. Instead of the time-consuming and error prone script programming or manual testing, the test engineer creates test models with a user-friendly graphical editor. The relevance and coverage of the test cases created by the test generator is guaranteed by intelligent algorithms, that generate vast numbers of relevant test cases systematically.
Common areas of application include: Functional, system, and acceptance testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Interface as well as Protocol/Platform testing.
Conformiq´s technology has been developed over a decade in research projects of finish Universities and in projects of leading Finish companies like Nokia and KONE. Since 1998 the technology has been further developed at Conformiq Software Ltd. into a user-friendly commercial product.
> further information

Verifysoft Technology signs distribution agreement with MMS India

(Chennai/India, Offenburg/Germany, 10 October 2003)

Verifysoft Technology, a leading distributor of software testing solutions, and Man Machine Systems (MMS), one of the leading providers of tools for coding and testing Java applications announced today the signature of a distribution agreement covering European countries. MMS has an excellent suite of tools to help in developing quality Java applications. Automated code review, code coverage analysis, unit testing using invasive model, and intelligent regression testing are some areas that MMS tools excel in.
"Our tools are very good priced; you can easily recover the cost in the first project itself.," said K. Rangarajan, CEO of Chennai (India) based Man Machine Systems. The agreement between MMS and Verifysoft Technology allows now European Java projects to take profit from the MMS Java tool suite and to purchase it at reasonable prices in Europe. Verifysoft will market the following automated Java Testing Tools: JEvolve, JCover, JVerify, JBrowser, JSynTest, JPretty and JMSAssert. This tools come with a no-obligation evaluation period of 15 days for the complete version of the software, during which time developers can even apply them in real projects. > more information about MMS Java Tool Suite

Verifysoft Technology starts European Operations

(Offenburg/Germany, 18 June 2003)

Verifysoft Technology has been founded in 2003 by a group of investors and software-test specialists. The company is committed to provide test productivity solutions that will help companies more efficiently maintain and enhance their software applications. Verifysoft is located in the TechnologiePark Offenburg, Germany and has facilities to serve German speaking, French and Benelux as well as Eastern European markets. In order to deliver stable and high quality testing tools, Verifysoft Technology will support and market the product family from Testwell Oy in Tampere/Finland and products from Precilog in Versailles/France.