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How important is correct software code?
How important is correct software code?

Software bugs lead to damages
Software bugs lead to damages

Success of companies depends on Software
The success of your company depends on software

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Testwell CTC++ creates coverage reports automatically during each execution of your software

Testwell CTC++ avoid redundant tests
Thanks to Testwell CTC++ you perform as many tests as necessary, but no more than required

Testwell CTC++: meaningful coverage reports

Testwell CTC++: Coverage Measurements without Source Code Modification

Testwell CTC++: all embedded targets, all toolchains

Testwell CTC++: support of all compilers

Testwell CTC++: support of many IDEs

Testwell CTC++ is like an off-road vehicle
User compare Testwell CTC++ with an off-road vehicle: the tool works always - whatever will be the environment!

Testwell CTC++: all coverage levels

Testwell CTC++ complies to safety standards

Testwell CTC++ outstanding support

Testwell CTC++ used worldwide

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