29 April 2022

Verifysoft: Reliable Software, best Technologies, and satisfied Customers

Since 2003 Verifysoft Technology proposes the best technology choices for test and software analysis.
Here are the stages of our development:


Although Verifysoft has been founded in 2003, the history of Verifysoft’s testing and analysis tools with the brand name “Testwell” started already in 1988 when Testwell CTB, a unit testing tool for C, was released in Finland.
1989 the first version of Testwell CTC++ has released.
In 1992 the company Testwell has been founded in Tampere (Finland) by Olavi Poutanen in order to continue the development of Testwell CTB and Testwell CTC++.
1990: Testwell releases the first version of the Complexity Measurement Tool Testwell CMT++.
1998: Testwell releases the first version of the Testwell CTA++ C++ Test Aider.
2001: Testwell releases a Complexity Measurement Tool for Java: Testwell CMTJava.


The company Verifysoft Technology was created on the 18th of June 2003 in the Technologiepark of Offenburg (Germany) by Klaus Lambertz, Roland Bär, Patricia Gallien and two other investors. Verifysoft starts as distributor for Testwell and sell Testwell tools to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, and Eastern Europe.


Verifysoft signs a distribution contract with the company Conformiq (Finland) for their model based testtool.


Thanks to a contract signed with a tool editor from San Francisco, Verifysoft opens up to the static code analysis market.


Verifysoft expands the possibility of the Test Coverage Analyzer, Testwell CTC++ with Java and C# on top of C and C++.


Begining of the seminar program with Professor Dr. Daniel Fischer (University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg).


A continuous growth requires the enlargement of the premises.


Distribution contract made with the Estonian company Elvior for the test executor tool Elvior TestCast.


Signing of a distribution contract in the German speaking countries with the American company GrammaTech for the static code analysis tool CodeSonar
Verifysoft acquires intellectual property rights for Testwell tools on the 1st of July ...more infos
Beginning of the building of a worldwide distributor network


The continuous growth forces a new expansion of the working place.
First version of the Tool Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++ available.
Verifysoft-Tools are used in over 30 countries.
[PDF]  Company Flyer (2014)


Extension of the Software test seminars to France: start of the trainings with Professor Dr. Jean-Francois Pradat-Peyre from the University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense
Verifysoft Offenburg Team September 2015
Verifysoft-Team in September 2015


Verifysoft becomes the first reseller in Europe for the Source Code Checking and Architecture Analysis Tool Imagix 4D
Cem Özdemir, President of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen groups at the federal assembly and Offenburg's mayor Edith Schreiner (CDU) inform themselves about Verifysoft's activities ...more infos
Verifysoft Offenburg Team Oktober 2016
Verifysoft-Team, October 2016


Participation of Verifysoft to the international fair Embedded World in Nuremberg (Germany) for the 12th time. ...more infos
Verifysoft reached again a new sales record compared to the record year 2016. For many years, the company has experienced average annual sales growth of more than 30%. Testwell tools are used in 35 countries on all continents. Verifysoft Offenburg Team November 2017
Verifysoft-Team, November 2017


Verifysoft and it's partner GrammaTech exhibits at Embedded World in Nuremberg (Germany). ...more infos
After sales records in 2016 and 2017, Verifysoft Technology achieved also in 2018 a further increase of it's sales. Verifysoft Offenburg Team November 2018
Verifysoft-Team, November 2018


15th participation in Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg (Germany): Verifysoft and GrammaTech with joint booth > learn more
Again new sales record: the previous record turnover of 2018 is already exceeded in September 2019.
[PDF]   Company Flyer (2019) Verifysoft Offenburg Team November 2019
Verifysoft-Team, November 2019


Verifysoft closed the "Corona crisis-year" 2020 with the second-highest revenue in company history.
16th participation in Embedded World Germany > learn more
Our tools are used by almost 700 customers in 39 countries all over the world.


New revenue record: End of October, Verifysoft has already surpassed the previous record revenue of 2019. The ambitious revenue targets set for 2021 are largely surpassed by the end of the year. Verifysoft Offenburg Team September 2021
Verifysoft-Team, September 2021


Neuer Umsatzrekord: der bisherige Rekordumsatz aus 2019 wird bereits Ende Oktober übertroffen und die ambitionierten Ziele zum Jahresende deutlich übertroffen. Verifysoft Offenburg Team September 2021
Verifysoft-Team, September 2021

Verifysoft: Office 2003
2003: The founder Klaus Lambertz in the first locals
Verifysoft: Office Desk 2003
... with a temporary equipement
Verifysoft: Embedded World 2005
First participation to the Embedded World in 2005
Verifysoft: Roland, Elodie, Klaus, Xavier Verifysoft: Raphaelle, Audrey, Carole Verifysoft: Audrey, Klaus Verifysoft: Büroarbeit 2005
Verifysoft: Klaus, Raphaelle, Carole Verifysoft: Embedded World 2005
Verifysoft: Seminar Softwaretest 2008
Softwaretest seminar in 2008
Verifysoft-Team 2009
Verifysoft Team in 2009
Verifysoft: ESE-Kongress 2009
2009: ESE-Congress in Sindelfingen
Verifysoft Vertriebsmitarbeiter 2010
The marketing Team in 2010
Verifysoft: Embedded World 2017 Team
Verifysoft: Embedded World 2017
Verifysoft: Embedded World 2017 Julia Polina Klaus
Embedded World 2017
Verifysoft: Embedded World 2018 Team
Embedded World 2018 Verifysoft: Embedded World 2019 Team
Embedded World 2019